Semua foto dan gambar yg ada di halaman blog ini dicolong dari arsip temen2 sendiri dan sumber2 yg nggak dikenal. Yang ngerasa punya hak cipta untuk itu, silahkan hubungi saya. Tuntutan kalian akan langsung masuk WC.

Sabtu, 20 Juni 2009

6 + 1 Alasan Kenapa Aca Memenangkan Hati Saya

1. Benar-benar mirip monyet! Secara wujud dan kelakuan. Saya cinta monyet, yeah!

2. He's so [sexually] fucking hardcore, man! Ceileehh, haha.

3. Banyak tatonya...dan kereennnnnn semua.

4. Gendut, mirip banget sama papah saya!

5. GILA kronis, bocor parah, kocak abis. Benar-benar menghibur!

6. He's so smart....mungkin karena udah tua kali ye :P

+1. Dia kalo nyanyi kereennn :* coba cek bandnya Straight Answer!

Selamat ya fadhila jayamahendra alias aca, telah menjadi pacar saya yg ke-20 sekian :)

Rabu, 10 Juni 2009

Minggu, 07 Juni 2009


I never want much in this life. Really.
I don't care about winning something though winning is state of ecstasy.
I just like you, oh yeah, that simply.
And I don't want much from you boy, believe me.
I like you bad bad badly.
I like the way we made our fantasy,
and being lustful though the lust seems so empty.

I love your voice, it's fucking ugly.
I love your stories, it pretty entertain me.
I love the way you write, for god's sake it's funny.
I enjoy your attention and your helpings
Oh yeah, i know it's silly,
to find me attached to someone easily.

Well it's me, i don't give a fuck
keep on living though it suck
i love being alone and doing everything on my own
don't need anyfuckingone to moan.
Maybe we can try someday, not now.
Just don't believe in you the man who always break the vow.

And boy, let's go back to real life
See you again 'til we finally meet each other
I'm not mad at you and i don't care your answer
i'm giving up this shit, but it doesn't matter

have the hell fun like there's no tomorrow, baby

*Dedicated to you who ever think that you LIKE me. Think twice!*